Volunteers make the Expo happen.

Volunteer for at least three hours and get in free for the day! The Expo is the largest fundraising event for Minnesota Trout Unlimited each year and dedicated volunteers keep the event running smoothly. Check out the positions we have available:


• Ticket Sales – Ticket sales in the entrance of the Expo, credit card swiping, putting wristbands on attendees, taking pre-purchased tickets. This can be a more fast-paced position and the shifts go by quickly.

• General Setup Assistance – This would be on Thursday, March 17th during the afternoon and early evening. Help is needed for setting up the Expo floor and for a few folks to be around to help out exhibitors who need a hand.

• Speaking Room Attendant – Introducing speakers and ensuring that the programs run smoothly. A great way to watch excellent programming for a few hours!


Please contact us if you are interested or use the contact form below:
[email protected]